Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Meet our producers

From February 21st onward we started training a new group of 15 women in Ulavarkarai, in the outskirts of Puducherry.
THe training was performed by Jothilakshmi from SPEED Trust and Deepanandhan, the quality supevisor from Baladarshan.

Friday, February 10, 2017

New Products!

Polyethylene handwoven bracelets (2 sizes) - Ref. SP00

Shindu basket Ref. SP10B

 Rainbow basket Ref. SP11B

Spinning wooden top Ref. SH03

Apple wooden tops Ref. SH08

Wooden cup & Ball Ref. SH14

Wooden zebra pulling Ref. SH40

Wooden pulling cat Ref. SH41

Wooden pulling bug Ref. SH42

Wooden round car Ref. SH43

Kalamkari toilet kit Suseela 3-in-1 Ref. TA17

Kalamkari Veera bag Ref. TA21